Young Empowered Secondary Students (YESS)

About the program

YESS is an academic support and skill development program for students in and around Tripoli – Lebanon who have successfully moved to Grade Twelve.

The program aims to:

  • Provide academic support by offering 4 intensive Bootcamps  in scientific subjects during the periods of official breaks:
  1. Summer Intensive School (3 weeks long)
  2. Winter School (7 days long)
  3. Spring School (7 days long)
  4. Pre-Baccalaureat Revision. (7 days long)
  • Provide academic follow-up with teachers during the year.
  • Offer strengthening courses in English, IT basics…
  • Provide support in a variety of activities.
  • How to prepare community-based projects in crises to learn how to deal with the obstacles that face students in higher education (university degrees).
  • Academic Orientation: A Bootcamp to prepare the students for university studies, majors, and career paths.
  • Direct Pathways into Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students in Tripoli or nearby of any nationality (Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian…)
  • Students who successfully completed grade eleven and are now in grade twelve
  • Commitment to attend all the additional learning experiences and workshops required by this program

The deadline for application is 01/08/2021, to apply kindly click the link below!

This program was funded by: