Young Empowered Secondary Students (YESS)

About the program

YESS is an academic support and skill development program for students in and around Tripoli – Lebanon who have successfully moved to Grade Twelve.

The program aims to:

  • Provide academic support by offering 4 intensive Bootcamps  in scientific subjects during the periods of official breaks:
  1. Summer Intensive School (3 weeks long)
  2. Winter School (7 days long)
  3. Spring School (7 days long)
  4. Pre-Baccalaureat Revision. (7 days long)
  • Provide academic follow-up with teachers during the year.
  • Offer strengthening courses in English, IT basics…
  • Provide support in a variety of activities.
  • How to prepare community-based projects in crises to learn how to deal with the obstacles that face students in higher education (university degrees).
  • Academic Orientation: A Bootcamp to prepare the students for university studies, majors, and career paths.
  • Direct Pathways into Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students in Tripoli or nearby of any nationality (Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian…)
  • Students who successfully completed grade eleven and are now in grade twelve
  • Commitment to attend all the additional learning experiences and workshops required by this program

The application for YESS Program 2021 – 2022 is over, but we will open applications for the next cohort in 2022. You can pre-register by filling the form on the link below and we will contact you once we open applications for next year’s cohort

Program News:

Basic English Support

This phase started on the 15th of October. The curriculum of this phase was divided into 4 levels. The students of the first level participated in English classes. Students were attending 2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session, a total of 40 hours per level.

H2C4 Awareness

H2C (Health to Community) is a program that aims to engage students in their field of work. Participants undergo a series of trainings and form teams that tackle common health issues. 

The four teams were:

  1. Fullmemory: tackled the problem of memory loss and forgetting a lot and how to face it
  2. هيّر لتغيّر: tackled the bad impact of deodorants on the skin and offered a natural substitute
  3. مَ شاعر: talked about emotional eating and how to overcome it
  4. بالصحة مافي عيب: talked about sexual health problems including blue balls, and the problem of pricy sanitary pads and how to make a cheaper healthy substitute.

This year, the awareness campaigns were given to the students of the “Young Empowered Secondary Students (YESS) Program”. Each team conducted a total of 5 awareness campaigns for 5 groups of students. YESS students participated in all awareness campaigns, 103 students attended the campaigns.

Summer Intensive School

The Summer School phase was based on 24 intensive days during the summer vacation. It was executed from 1/September/2021 till 24/September/2021. Each class took two to three subjects to learn according to requests filled in the registration form. Teachers were selected according to previous work experience with our association and according to directors’ recommendations. Students took 2 or 3 subjects from the following list:

  • Biology
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Economics

A total of 108 students participated in the summer intensive school

This program is funded by: