About the Program

CareeReady is an inclusive support program designed to help students grow and develop on a personal and professional level. The program aims to empower students and enhance their personal and professional skills, enabling them to achieve their aspirations and reach their fullest potential.

Program Components

  1. Highlighting Personal and Professional Growth Areas: The program starts by identifying and highlighting individual areas of growth for each student. This is done by analyzing their abilities and interests and identifying areas that need improvement. This part of the program helps students set their goals and direct their efforts toward achieving them.

  2. Developing Personal and Professional Skills: Students will develop a range of life and professional skills that help students excel in their areas of interest. This includes communication, leadership, and confidence to tackle challenges effectively. The program also focuses on building the technical and specialized skills required in their fields of study and future careers.

  3. Learning Financial Literacy: CareeReady will provide students with knowledge about personal finance, smart investments, and financial planning for the future. This part of the program helps students handle money effectively and make sound financial decisions.

  4. Artificial Intelligence Monitoring and Updates: Students will get updated on the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence and how it can impact their areas of interest and future careers.

  5. Improving their Presence on LinkedIn: The program provides courses and tips to help students enhance their personal profiles on LinkedIn, guiding them on how to build professional profiles that attract employers’ attention and contribute to their success in the job market.

  6. Communication with Companies, Managers, and Colleagues at Work

  7. Personal Development Plan: including continuous learning, people you want to get to know, practical steps for projects you want to start

  8. Build and Develop a network over time

Eligibility Requirements

  • Residents of North Governorate
  • University students in the 3rd academic year or higher
  • Students seeking to increase their chances of finding job opportunities