Fulfilling the dream to study in AUB was never this close 

We are glad to announce that we started accepting applications for the LASeR Graduate Studies Scholarship at AUB for Fall 2019-2020!!

This program is an exclusive opportunity for applicants from the North of Lebanon  to pursue their Master’s Degree at the American University of Beirut – AUB.

Masters programs  available at AUB : https://www.aub.edu.lb/fas/Pages/Masters.aspx

Once accepted in the program , LASeR will fund 50% of the tuition fees , while still covering the remaining as a zero-interest loan paid directly on behalf of the student to the university and collected as monthly installments , agreed upon with the applicant.

This specific scholarship , falls under the City fund , a program by LASeR that offers students better quality education opportunities through scholarships and loans.

To apply , Applicants should consider applying separately to both AUB ( before the 17th of March, 2020 ) and to LASeR scholarship ( before the 30th of March ).

Eligibility and selection criteria for scholarship students

    • Residents in Lebanon ( Lebanese , Syrian and Palestinian )
    • Applicants from the North of Lebanon
    • Students with high academic ranking
    • Students with leadership skills and commitment to give back to the community
    • New students to AUB ( not an already enrolled masters student )  
    • Financial need
    • Good academic standing in undergraduate degree
    • Commitment to giving back to the community, country, and region
    • Leadership skills
    • Commitment to attend all the additional learning experiences and workshops required by this program

How to Apply

Applying to AUB is independent from applying to LASeR , all applicants should apply separately to both

Step 1: Apply to AUB before 18/03/2020

Step 2: Apply to the AUB Financial Aid program before 02/04/2020:

Step 3: Apply to LASeR before 30/03/2020

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