Spotlight Scholarship

Spotlight is a blended learning university scholarship program where students study on-site with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), a US-based University, and pursue their bachelor’s degree while being in Lebanon. We aim to provide access to higher education programs including Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees to refugees and vulnerable learners of any nationality accessing programs with a specialization in Business, Communication, and Health Care Management through LASeR.

  1. The program offers a full scholarship for students seeking their Bachelor’s degrees in the following majors: Business, Healthcare Management, Communication.
  2. The duration of SNHU scholarship is up to 4 years.
  3. The minimum study time is 12 Hours/ Week (Online + physical presence in LASeR) Laptops and fast connection provided during the studying period.
  4. Students work exclusively on projects to demonstrate their mastery of the required skills.  Competency-based education (CBE) is designed to develop workplace-relevant knowledge and skills.
  5. Rather than measuring learning by hours in the classroom, CBE measures learning by projects and assessments. Each degree program defines specific learning goals. Those goals are broken down into competencies. 
  6. Students complete projects for review by professional educators and subject matter experts. In addition to being provided with a full variety of educational resources, they can also make use of their existing knowledge and skills to demonstrate mastery of the required competency. 
  7. If your project shows that you have mastered the skill, you move on to the next requirement; if not, you can go back and re-submit your project as many times as it takes to master the skill. 

To be eligible for the scholarship you must be:

  1. A student of any nationality from North Lebanon
  2. Freshly Graduated (successfully passed the official exams)
  3. Good English standings
  4. Want to study one of the following majors: Business, Healthcare Management, Communication 
  5. Able to fulfill the weekly studying time (12 hours/week)
  6. Obtained your high-school Diploma (including I’Iitilaf)
  7. Technical Baccalaureate (BT3 or TS)
  8. Passed through the acceptance process
  1. Fill the application form by the 17th of December the latest
  2. Interview with LASeR + English Test 
  3. Results and provisional acceptance
  1. It’s a fully funded scholarship
  2. The opportunity to participate in important workshops and take important and beneficial courses.
  3. Online/Offline Internships with prestigious institutions (AUB, MIT...)
  4. The opportunity to participate in International conferences (Berlin, Rwanda etc…) 
  5. Unlike traditional programs that require you to complete a certain number of credits or courses, SNHU’s CfA platform lets you earn your degree by mastering specific skills (competencies) and completing real world projects instead of taking tests.
  6. The time it takes to earn a degree depends on how quickly a student can successfully complete the required projects (no need to wait 3 or 4 years to graduate). 
  7. Great employment/internships opportunity.
  8. The only opportunity in Lebanon to provide BA in healthcare management.