About this edition

After Tashغeel 1 and 2, LASeR is opening applications for a special edition of Tashغeel in Akkar, in partnership with Salar International. 

The special edition will offer trainings and internship/job opportunities in the “Hospitality and Business Support Track”. The program will provide selected candidates with technical and digital business skills in the mentioned track to prepare them to join the labor market.

After the training, trainees will do a 3-month corporate internship/job with one of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Akkar under the supervision of a mentor appointed by LASeR.

Salar and LASeR are joining efforts to support business owners in the hospitality sector in Akkar, by providing them with technical trainings, business coaching and interns to help implement all strategies related

Project Components

Soft Skills Training:

  • Career Readiness: personality test, build your cv, interview…
  • Business skills: Communication, Teamwork…
  • Human Interaction: Problem-solving, Time management…

Technical Skills Training in:

  • Hospitality and Business Support


  • Trainees will receive coaching to improve their skills, knowledge, and performance during the program.
  • This phase will ensure their readiness for a successful career.


  • Students have a personalized internship journey designed specifically for their majors and profiles
  • Students receive support from mentors and regular follow-up on their performance, allowing them to identify areas where they can improve and grow


  • Talented trainees will do a 3-month corporate internship or job under the supervision of a mentor appointed by LASeR
  • This phase will provide trainees an opportunity to increase their experience in real-case scenarios
  • LASeR will provide the logistics and IT infrastructure (electricity, Internet connection, laptops) necessary for the internships when needed


  • The project will assist students in identifying suitable volunteering opportunities and establishing connections with relevant volunteering organizations.
Trained Students
Secured Internships
Supported Businesses


This special edition of  Tashغeel is funded by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund.