About the initiative

The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research – LASeR launched “Back to Bacc” as an emergency response program for the ongoing strike in Public Schools.

The program provides academic support – outside school hours – in the main subjects of the students of grade 12 in the Public Secondary Schools in Tripoli. Back to Bacc is directed to all public high school students in Tripoli. The first and primary goal of the initiative is to protect students from losing their academic year because of the schools’ strike. 

This initiative has supported 1,215 students in 12 public high schools in Tripoli till today. 


The program aims to provide students with:

  • 200 hours of academic support
  • The duration of the program is 10 to 12 weeks
  • The program provides support in the main subjects (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Socioeconomics) according to their specialization. 
Supported Students
All Public High-schools in Tripoli