The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research (LASeR) is a non-profit organization, founded in Tripoli, Lebanon in 2009 by 40 university professors who believed in the reform of the education sector & giving more students access to University Education. LASeR offers scholarships, interest-free educational loans, institutional support for universities and schools, and creating linkages to the job market through a variety of hands-on Trainings and workshops.

Our Story

The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research (LASeR) promotes research, and later employment opportunities, for graduate students in Lebanon. In addition to empowering the graduates to study, pursue, and solve societal problems, LASeR aims to change the social dynamics of Lebanese society by challenging the monopoly and centralization of the education system, currently based on religious sectarianism rather than merit.  By challenging religious sectarianism while changing the nature and ability of the market to accommodate and be influenced by graduate research and its findings LASeR promotes social cohesion. This project also allows everyone to be a change-maker by localizing the opportunities for graduates, and in turn allowing students to participate in changing their country’s social dynamics and pursue existing societal problems. Through public-private and local-global partnerships, his vision enables local universities and NGOs to become active agents in entrepreneurial education and activity where marginalized youth are encouraged to bring out their innovative solutions. LASeR is aggregating marginalized talents in the higher education system in order to empower them to make themselves and society better off. He is linking their talents to the market, countering the current system of monopolization, and raising a generation of young adults who give scientific research a new, active, and practical meaning. His selection process is based on merit while utilizing the failed institutions to not only enable the dynamic, local markets but also effect change in society.

LASeR offers a wide range of opportunities that are otherwise inaccessible to those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. We enable these marginalized talents to be more entrepreneurial by creating an integrated system. In addition, we encourage them to be entrepreneurial by making them fund themselves and focus all their resources, no matter how small, on solving societal problems. The project continues to create a change in both the market and the field of graduate research by linking the two, changing the market to match the needs of graduate research. Moreover, it is creating additional economic forces to revive that kind of change in the market. We aim to build a sustainable architecture for the program based upon the current market and its strengths. The organization draws credibility to its local graduate research institution through the global graduate research community. It creates the graduate programs in order to fulfill and identify the gap or need in the market; these programs are created in partnership with European professors which also helps develop the capacity of local professors who collaborate with them. Then, the most qualified students apply and undergo a rigorous selection criterion to ensure adequate talents are selected to fill these market gaps.

Our Philosophy

We believe that no dream should perish because of a lack of funding! Education is the tool that develops society, countries and changes the lives of people forever. We’ve all been there, and we know it right? That’s why we are doing our best to support education in order to provide the youth with the power to align with the accelerated changes the world is going through.

Our Vision

The revival of our society through science and research

Our Mission

Spreading science and research through capacity building, scholarships, and partnerships to meet the needs of society and the labor market. 

Our Values

Theory of Change

Nothing is permanent except change!  We are living in a world with constant changes governed by advanced technologies and artificial intelligence.  One should have the power to adhere to this world, to leave a positive impact. We at LASeR are seeking a better change and a brighter future for our society through supporting education, higher education, and scientific research; that’s why we are investing our efforts in projects and programs to lead the students through their educational journey and assure the fulfillment of theirs dreams.