About the program

YESS is an empowering program that provides academic, English and skills support for young vulnerable learners enrolled in public education and moving from grade 11 to grade 12. Students can benefit from the program right after they pass grade 11 and move to grade 12 successfully. The program aims to avoid school dropout, increase students’ success rate and help them later on in their enrollment in higher education.


  • Provide academic support by offering 4 intensive Bootcamps  in scientific subjects during the periods of official breaks:
  1. Summer Intensive School (3 weeks long)
  2. Winter School (7 days long)
  3. Spring School (7 days long)
  4. Pre-Baccalaureat Revision. (7 days long)
  • Provide academic follow-up with teachers during the year.
  • Offer strengthening courses in English, IT basics…
  • Provide support in a variety of activities.
  • How to prepare community-based projects in crises to learn how to deal with the obstacles that face students in higher education (university degrees).
  • Academic Orientation: A Bootcamp to prepare the students for university studies, majors, and career paths.
  • Direct Pathways into Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students in Tripoli or nearby of any nationality (Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian…)
  • Students who successfully completed grade eleven and are now in grade twelve
  • Commitment to attend all the additional learning experiences and workshops required by this program

This program is funded by: