Celebrating Raghad Allah Al Fayssal’s Graduation

Raghad earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Management, Concentration in Logistics, and operations today!

Raghad Allah Al Fayssal is a student in SNHU – LASeR – GEM Scholarship program, she’s enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), a US-based University. 

Given the fact that this scholarship is competency-based education, students work on projects to master required skills and once they master all required competencies/skills they graduate regardless of study duration and that’s why Raghad was able to graduate in 2 years and 9 months.

“Ships are safe when they are at ports, but ships are not built for that. Go out to sea and do something new.” Each of us has a different life, always make sure that yours is full of achievements, successes, and lots of uniqueness.
My special thanks go to many people, they know themselves very well. These were Raghad’s words regarding her graduation.

As always we are super proud of the achievements of our students! Congratulations Raghad we wish you all the best!

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