About the program

SNHU scholarship is a blended learning university scholarship program where students study on-site with a US-based University, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and pursue their bachelor’s degree while being in Lebanon. Our aim is to provide access to higher education programs including Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees to refugees and vulnerable learners accessing programs with a specialization in Business, Communication, and Health Care Management through LASeR.

LASeR is committed to:

  • Provide academic bridging, orientation, coaching sessions, and support for all participants to help them navigate the online CfA programs within the program.
  • Provide career Transition and internship support for participants including cooperation with snhu employment pathways initiative

The following points summarize the last 2 years of the program: 

  • Seventeen students were enrolled in the first cohort of the University’ competency-based programs (CfA) which offers fully accredited competency-based college degrees.
  • The second cohort for the academic year 2019-2020 includes 14 students. They should all complete 2 years’ AA (Associate Degree) and 2 years’ BA (Bachelor Degree) to graduate.
  • Five outstanding students of the first cohort were already able to start their BA.
  • Students who completed 90% of their competences, completed or are still in the process of completing an internship as required to graduate.

About our partner

There are more than 65 million refugees and others displaced from their homes by war and tragedy around the world, only 1% of them have access to higher education. Education is an imperative to create a life of choice, empowering refugees to transform their lives. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has launched the Global Education Movement (GEM), a major initiative to bring university degrees to refugees and vulnerable learners around the world.