This Ramadan , we are launching “Save the students” campaign to help fund the education of university students who cannot afford education anymore due to the deteriorating value of the Lebanese Pounds. 

How do we help students ? 

Usually , Students through the City fund program , are granted zero interest loans that are paid back through affordable monthly installments. Students fill in in their applications , the amount needed for either Tuition fees or living fees ( if they are applying for studies outside of Lebanon ). 

This project has served more than a thousand students , allowing them to pursue their dreams . Educated young citizens can only mean a better Lebanon , a way out of this mess !

Why the fundraising campaign now ?

Deteriorating economic situation , COVID-19 and the lockdown , and the deteriorating value of the Lebanese pound versus the US dollar. The latter has tripled , making almost an income of a parent drop to the third of its value. While a salary in lebanese pound would be equal to a 1,000$ before , now it only makes a 300 $ as we write this article. 

Parents are finding it more and difficult to pay back the loans , especially when loans are in US dollars ( Students who live outside Lebanon receive their loans in US dollars ). 

This is the call to help all parents. No one should be faced by the decision of stopping his education for financial reasons. 

We currently have 30 students who are pursuing their Masters and PhD abroad , they are midway through their education. Returning to Lebanon , would be a total waste of what they have achieved so far , however , going forward requires all of our efforts together to help them surmount it.

We, as an organization , are committed to receive repayment of the loans according to the old rate and that’s what we should do to support families. However , this is putting the organization under tremendous financial stress. Without your help , we wouldn’t be able to compensate the loss , and thus wouldn’t be able to further support students on the coming fall.

Please support us in our mission ! We are calling out on our community inside and especially outside of Lebanon ! Every cent helps now !

Ways to Donate:

  • Donate in Person at LASeR
  • Donate by checks
  • Call 78877420 and we’ll send someone to collect the donations
  • Donate online on GivingLoop via the widget below
  • Donate via the GivingLoop widget below