City Fund is a project that seeks to provide support to students by granting scholarships and interest-free loans for their higher education. The project gathers donations from the society and gives them to the students that wish to continue their education in private universities but don’t have the means to do so. 

City Fund is divided into two big steps, the first one is a 40-50% scholarship given by LASeR to the student and the second step is an interest-free loan that the students repays to the organization through monthly payments. This system grants the enrollment of the student in one of our Partner  Universities.

Once one of our students graduates and returns the loan given to him, the same loan is then given to a new student to insure his enrollment in a partner university. This loop concept allows us to help as many students as possible by offering the same loan over and over again.

Over the past 3 years, “City Fund” has had a multilevel impact on our students, society and ourselves. The project contributed in the development of individuals benefiting from it. Taking into consideration that students are our future, their development will hopefully lead to the development of our society, city and country. Accomplishing this development is one of the many missions of our organization.

The graphic above shows the increasing number of students benefiting from City Fund since the launch of the program 3 years ago.

In case you wish to apply to the City Fund scholarship you should know that many conditions should be verified:

  1.  City Fund offers scholarships to all nationalities alike so it doesn’t matter whether you are Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian…
  2. To apply to the scholarship you should be based in Lebanon.
  3. To benefit from our scholarship you should apply to one of our Partner Universities.
  4. During to call the applications that occurs every year from the 1st of May till the 1st of August, candidates should apply using our application system