Wijhati is an interactive orientation program given to high-school students to develop their knowledge about university majors, the job market… The program gives participants the opportunity to know more about any major they want while providing them with information about needed jobs, years of study, college life… 

The program is divided into 3 sessions given to participants for 3 consecutive days. The  main points that the orientation covers are:

  • University majors: each participant is allowed to ask about any university major and trainers will give them a general look into this specific major.
  • Personality tests: Participants are invited to conduct a personality test to give them glance of their personality and the best jobs for theses personalities
  • A “draw your dream” activity: In this activity each participant is given a map where he can draw his dream and discuss it (dream major, job, life…)
  • Orientation about the job market: In the end, trainers talk with participants about the job market (opportunities, paid jobs, best jobs…)
  • Each participant gets a Free Booklet from LASeR that describes every available major in the Lebanese university   and private universities. In addition the booklet contains information about years of study for each major, jobs related to each major and many other feature.