About the scholarship:

The scholarship is a joint program between LASeR and the Turkish Government. The aim of this program is to provide access to higher education for students seeking to earn their B.S Degrees from Turkey. The Scholarship will cover the tuition fees and insurance, while the student pays for residence and lodging through 150 – 200$ monthly payments

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Residents of Lebanon from any nationality
  • Passed/will pass Grade 12 successfully
  • A minimum of 70/100 in their baccalaureate

Application Process:

  • Apply for the scholarship at LASeR
  • Interview with LASeR 
  • We will send the names of accepted students to YTB
  • Accepted students will be contacted to apply at YTB
  • Final acceptance


For more information, an info-session will be delivered next Thursday 16/06, about the scholarship, via Zoom and Facebook Live at 7:00 PM Meeting link: