About the program

The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research is launching the second partnership in School Fund Program today with Al Iman Schools, offering 600 scholarships from LASeR to the children of public sector employees who are in one of the grades between Grade 1 and Grade 12. The scholarship covers 40% of the tuition fees paid in dollars, with the remaining amount to be paid by the parent in specified installments. The scholarship will cover the following branches of Al Iman Schools:

  • Al Iman – Tripoli
  • Al Iman – Sir Al Daniye
  • Al Iman – Kobat Bchamra
  • Al Iman – Mashta Hammoud

Eligibility Requirements

  • The student’s parents must be employed in the public sector
  • The student must be in on of the grades between Grade 1 and Grade 12

To benefit from the scholarship, the student must submit an application and be accepted by the association.


  • 17/09/2023: Student registration for the grant until 
  • 25/09/2023: Announcement of results and scheduling payment of the remaining 60%