About the Social Space

Nour Space – Masahet Nour is the first of its kind social space/coworking and innovation hub put at the service of young people, students and companies in Tripoli, North Lebanon. The space is comprised of 3 floors of around 2,000 sqm in the heart of Tripoli, Sahet Al Nour, divided into a social space, coworking spaces and offices, Training venues and free innovation spaces.

The space is one of the flagship projects of LASeR, The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research. Now in its final stages, the space is opening its doors officially on the first of February 2024.

Nour Space – Masahet Nour will offer a variety of services to serve our community, combining private and shared offices that can be rented by companies, partners, freelancers and online workers, meeting and training rooms, in addition to a big lounge area where people can meet, network, have a chat and work on the go if needed.

The space is meant to be a tool to link local and international companies with young workers from Tripoli, increasing their chances of getting getting new jobs.

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Office Section

The office section seamlessly merges shared and private workspaces, fostering an optimal environment for freelancers, companies, and remote workers alike.

The open floor plan accommodates shared desks equipped with ergonomic furniture and high-speed internet, encouraging collaboration and networking.

For those seeking solitude, soundproof pods and cozy private offices nestled along the periphery offer tranquility and focus. The space features adaptable meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, fostering seamless virtual collaborations for online workers.

With flexible lease options, communal lounges, and a cafe, the office section redefines the modern workspace, nurturing productivity, connectivity, and creativity in a dynamic setting.

Trainings Section

The training section is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of students and NGOs, offering tailored spaces that encourage immersive learning experiences. The training rooms boast versatile layouts equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual technology, facilitating dynamic presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions.

With configurable seating arrangements and modular setups, these rooms adapt effortlessly to accommodate various group sizes and training formats. Collaborative whiteboards and digital displays adorn the walls, fostering engagement and idea-sharing.

Moreover, the section offers specialized amenities such as breakout areas for discussions, a big resource library, and access to expert mentors or instructors, ensuring a holistic and enriching environment for skill development and knowledge exchange. This section is more than just a training hub; it’s a nurturing ground for growth and collaboration among students and NGOs alike.

Co-Working Section/ Lounge Area

The coworking section and lounge area are crafted as dynamic hubs aimed at catalyzing impactful networking opportunities between industry leaders, company heads, and ambitious students or freelancers. This section will encourage organic interactions and collaboration.

High-top communal tables, cozy nooks, and tech-enabled collaboration zones facilitate casual discussions and idea exchanges, fostering a vibrant atmosphere conducive to relationship building. Tailored events, mentorship programs, and networking sessions are curated to bridge the gap between aspiring talent and established professionals, providing a platform for students and freelancers to showcase their skills, gain industry insights, and unlock potential job opportunities.

This dedicated space is a nexus where aspirations meet opportunities, creating pathways for talent to shine and networks to flourish.

For more details you can contact us:

  • Email: info@laser-lb.org
  • Phone: 0096106446632
  • WhatsApp: 0096181429498