General Volunteer Support! 

LASeR is seeking individuals willing to provide general support for our day to day operations. Please note that our volunteering opportunities require that you live in or close to Tripoli.

Apply Today! Send an email to indicating the following:

  1. How you found out about LASeR.
  2. Which volunteer opportunity you’re interested in.
  3. A phone number in case we wanted to contact you.

Be an ambassador! 

One of our main goals in the organization is to create a community of change-makers, people willing to change and develop our city.

Our ambassadors are individuals or organizations who are willing give to their community because they are motivated to do so. As an ambassador of LASeR, your name will be added to our ambassadors’ list, and you can include it in your CV. You will be able to help us implement our cause to change our society and make it better. 

Active ambassadors are those who support “City Fund” by organizing events in their community. They will receive a personal reference letter that shows their motivation to help in creating a positive change in our society! 

In case you are interested in creating a positive change and to be an ambassador for the “City Fund”, please send an email to and indicate your personal information.


Your generosity helps LASeR support promising students each year on their way to graduation and beyond. Donate today!  We accept contributions in many forms. 

  1. Directly through the Bank Account:   LB4800 140000 4302 3001 5604 9513 
  2. Indirectly through reservations and using the Association’s facilities  
  3. Online through  
  4. You can also donate with a check or cash to LASeR.