H2C (Health to Community) is a program that aims to engage health students in their field of work. It gives them the opportunity to conduct awareness campaigns on different groups of people to raise their level of expertise and to raise awareness about many health problems in our society.
1st Step: participants undergo training sessions about: data collection, data mining, public speaking and project management to prepare them for their projects and campaigns.
2nd Step: Participants plan and design their awareness campaigns based on the training that they underwent in the first step.
3rd Step: The awareness campaigns are then conducted by the participants themselves on different groups of people in the society. At the end of each session people are invited to give their feedback to participants.
4th Step: After finishing all campaigns, each group creates a summary of their campaign and presents it in front of the jury and the crowd in the final ceremony. Two winners are selected, one by jury votes and one by the public votes.


Since it’s launch in 2017, H2C became a yearly program with 3 versions launched over the past 3 years (2017, 2018, 2019). The program accommodated a total of 49 enrolled participants, 14 health awareness campaign conducted in Tripoli and up to 1799 social beneficiaries.