Full Stack Development Training:

Introductory Session with Coach Rony Rizk:

About the training:

Full Stack Training is a program delivered by Eng. Rony Rizk in partnership with LASeR and hosted by LASeR. The program is a full training course that covers everything programming students need to be ready for the Labor Market.

Beside the technical skills taught in the program and, in order to increase the chance for trainees to get a job and to success and promote in their job, the program will also include a set of Technical English courses and soft skills that are necessary for professional success (employability, communication, business skills, design thinking, …).


The training is divided into 8 modules given in the following order:

  • HTML , JavaScript , CSS
  • TypeScript
  • BootStrap
  • NodeJS (npm)
  • JSON
  • Web Server Setup
  • Components
  • Binding
  • Routing
  • Services
  • HTTP
  • RxJS
  • ngRx
  • O.P Concepts
  • C# Language
  • Creating Console Applications
  • Creating Class Libraries
  • Creating Web API
  • Explaining how to create 5 layers-based applications
  • Create Web API & Consume it from an Angular Application while storing data in Excel.
  • Different Ways to host .Net Core Based API.
  • Installing & Configuring MS Sql Instance
  • Create Database
  • Backup / Restore
  • T-SQL Programming
  • Deep understanding of Indexes
  • Stored Procedure.
  • Calling T-Sql (Stored Procedure) from .Net Core (C#) code
  • Create an angular Application that consumes Web API written in C# that communicates with database

This tool will be provided for free for lifetime for all trainees and it allows them to align the development life cycle & make them able to develop the application in less than 80% of normal time.

  • React Web Framework
  • io: Learn how to create real time servers
  • Firebase integration.
  • Learn ReactNative to create mobile application for both Android & iOS
  • Learn Ionic to create mobile application for both Android & iOS
  • Push notifications
  • Google Maps
  • Upload applications on Apple Store & Google Play Store
  • Calling Web API written in C# that communicates with MSSQL database
  • Using Firebase as a backend database (real-time databases)

Details to know about the training:

  • Each module covers a certain level of expertise in the field of coding and is dependent on the previous module.
  • The student can stop whenever he wants to stop.
  • At the end of the training, all participants will create a project.
  • The training is approximately a year and a half long, each module takes 5-7 weeks to be completed.

About the partnership

LASeR, in partnership with Eng. Rony Rizk has already launched 3 cohorts of the training with 15 participants in cohort 1, 14 participants in cohort 2, and 40 students in cohort 3.