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Masahet Nour – مساحة نور

Masahet Nour – مساحة نور is the first of its kind social space/coworking  hub put at the service of young people, students and companies in Tripoli, North Lebanon. The space is comprised of 3 floors of around 2,000 sqm in the heart of Tripoli, Sahet Al Nour, divided into a social space, coworking spaces and offices, Training venues and free innovation spaces. For more information, click here

Supported Schools
Scholarships for Ousdtanding Students
Trained Students

Scholarship Programs

LASeR’s first path of intervention comes through a variety of Scholarship Programs in partnership with reputable universities and schools, inside and outside of Lebanon, to help young students access better education opportunities.

Capacity Building Programs

LASeR’s second path of intervention comes through a variety of Capacity Building Programs that support youth in Tripoli and the North and improves their skills in many stages of their journey.

Institutions Support Programs

Our third path of intervention comes throught The Institutions Support Program, a support campaign to help educational institutions by providing them access to renewable solar energy systems as an alternative to Electricity.