Does the program grant scholarships to any university?

Our team is always working on expanding our reach and making new partnerships each year, we hope to cover all areas in Lebanon. Currently the program grants scholarship to partner universities only. To know more Click Here 

When do I know if I've been accepted or not?

After successfully applying, you will be invited to LASeR for an interview. The results of the interview will determine whether you get the scholarship or not. Our team will call all applicants by the end of July to tell them the results. In addition, the results will be added to the account that you create on when you apply.

Do I have to take any tests to obtain the scholarship?

No, applicants don’t take any test, they just undergo an interview in the association and the results determine whether they get the scholarship or not.

Can I add the scholarship of City Fund to any other scholarship?

Adding the scholarship to other scholarships is not possible in most cases. The agreement with the university doesn’t give you this option. However, in case the university allows you to add another scholarship to our program we definitely allow it.

When do I start repaying the interest-free loan?

The repayment of the interest free loan is immediate. This means that once you get the scholarship, you will start repaying the interest-free loan the following month.

Where do I pay my monthly installments? And how?

Payments are given to LASeR and not to the university. You can pay your fees in the association or at the bank.