LASeR’s exchange programs are not limited to scientific exchange of expertise and education only, it goes even further. We seek enhance and encourage cultural exchange, that’s why the organization gives Lebanese and Researchers and Professors the opportunity to participate in scientific missions abroad or even host research professors in Lebanon.

The association has set priority rules such as: following up with PhD students, uplifting the employment quality, in addition to research topics and their significance to the society and labor market. 

Applicants should send the following documents to 

  • Documents that prove the establishment of a research abroad or a participation in a conference 
  • Recommendation Letter from a member of the Board of Directors  
  • CV

The Application Process

  • All applicants should apply at least three months before the mission.
  • The request will be discussed during the board meeting to decide whether to accept it or not
  • LASeR will partially cover the fees of the mission.