Over the past ten years, the Association has offered many programs in the field of higher education. We have provided zero interest loans to facilitate the education process of young people and we are working on fostering youth capacity by providing them with practical workshops that prepare them for entering the labor market. We have trained more than 5,000 people over the past few years.

Masters Programs Established
Scholaships for Outstanding Students
Trained Students

The association works on supporting scientific research in its various fields to create a generation of independent researchers who are able to develop the society. The association allocated 460 m2 to support training in its various fields in order to prepare students to enter the labor market and provide them with the necessary expertise for a good start of their career.

In the past ten years 690 BS students, 33 MS and 2 PHD students were granted scholarships under the program “Scholarships for Syrian Students”. 113 loans for BS students and 238 loans for MS and PHD students were also signed. A total number of 477 beneficiaries is recorded under the “Masters Program” launched by the Organization. We trained more than 5000 students over the past few years under the “Capacity Building project” and offered more than 50 workshops in addition to English language courses provided for our Syrian students.

LASeR participated in 19 conferences in the last three years in different locations around the world: Paris, York Britain, Kuwait, Istanbul, South Africa, Sharm El Sheikh, Dead Sea, Amsterdam, and London. Moreover, the Association has offered 392 exchange trips to a number of countries including Canada, America, Britain, France, Holland, Norway, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, India, Morocco and Tunisia.