City Fund Scholarships registration deadline extended!

After the new partnerships with Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth and the Islamic Association of Palestinian Students we decided to extend the deadline for registration in the City Fund Scholarships until August the 17th, 2020

City Fund that grants scholarships and interest-free loans for students seeking to acquire their BA, MA or PhD degrees.

BA program: this program grants up to 50% scholarships for students seeking to acquire their Bachelor’s degree and allows them to pay the rest of the tuition fees through monthly installments (Zero-interest loans) in many reputable partner private universities in  Lebanon. The paternet universities are:

MA and PhD: Our MA and PhD program offers zero-interest loans for Master’s and PhD students. This program allows students to study in one of our partner universities: American University of Beirut, Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth or any other university around the world but they must get the University’s acceptance before applying to the loan.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

  • Residents in Lebanon ( Lebanese , Syrian and Palestinian )
  • Students with leadership skills and commitment to give back to the community
  • New students to the university ( not an already enrolled student )  
  • Financial need
  • Commitment to giving back to the community, country, and region
  • Leadership skills
  • Commitment to attend all the additional learning experiences and workshops required by the program

How does the program work?

City Fund provides support to students by offering scholarships and interest-free loans for their higher education. The project gathers donations from the society and gives them to the students that wish to continue their education in private universities but don’t have the means to do so. 

City Fund BA program is divided into two big steps, the first one is a 40-50% scholarship given by LASeR to the student and the second step is an interest-free loan that the students repays to the organization through monthly payments. This system grants the enrollment of the student in one of our Partner  Universities.

Once a LASeR student graduates and returns the loan given to him, the same loan is then given to a new student to insure his enrollment in a partner university. This loop concept allows us to help as many students as possible by offering the same loan over and over again.

The MA and PhD program offers 100% Zero-Interest loans for students wishing to obtain their Master’s or PhD degrees. The loan is paid by monthly installments.


 Currently the program grants scholarship to partner universities only.  These universities are:

  • Al Azm University
  • Université Saint-Joseph (USJ)
  • Beirut Arab University (Only in Tripoli)
  • University of Tripoli
  • Rafik Hariri Univerisity

Our team is always working on expanding our reach and making new partnerships each year, we hope to cover all areas in Lebanon.

After successfully applying, you will be invited to LASeR for an interview. The results of the interview will determine whether you get the scholarship or not. Our team will call all applicants by the end of July to tell them the results. In addition, the results will be added to the account that you create on 

No, applicants don’t take any test, they just undergo an interview in the association and the results determine whether they get the scholarship or not.

Adding the scholarship to other scholarships is not possible in most cases. The agreement with the university doesn’t give you this option. However, in case the university allows you to add another scholarship to our program we definitely allow it.

The repayment of the interest free loan is immediate. This means that once you get the scholarship, you will start repaying the interest-free loan the following month.

Payments are given to LASeR and not to the university. You can pay your fees in the association or at the bank.