Capacity Building

Capacity Building Program for University Professors 

LASeR has developed training curriculums for university professors and researchers to improve their educational and research skills benefitting from the modern educational methodology. 


Capacity Building Program for Students 

A capacity building program that aims to grow the potential of students before and during university years by providing practical experience through a range of intensive practical training courses to prepare them for entry into the labor market. 

We trained more than 5000 students till now and offered more than 50 workshops in addition to English language courses that we provide for our Syrian students before they start university. 


Capacity Building Program for Young Researchers 

This program targets young researchers who need to develop their research capacities (writing research studies, applying for support, build a research team…), in addition to their educational skills. The association has developed training curriculums especially made for this matter. 


Throughout their journey with us, students are empowered through workshops, boot-camps and activities to become change agents in their community. They acquire the technical competencies as well as skills to prepare them for workplace.  

Components of the program:  

Majors Booklet: Explains clearly all the majors available in the Lebanese University and other universities in the North. 

Self-discovery training course: An interactive course that aims to help students develop clear and systematic thinking through several exercises and activities, to help them decide about the major they want to study at university.  

Big event: 2 full days that include: 

Mini-simulators: practical simulation sessions of one or multiple professions 

Academic and Administrative Information Station: Informing students about all academic and administrative information necessary for admission and registration at the university. 

Inspirational meetings with successful professionals: Specialists share their experiences with the students to help them better understand their field. 


A capacity building program that trains university health students on the methodology to plan and execute health awareness campaigns; all in a hands-on intensive competition.

Components of the program: 

Training boot-camp: 

It’s an intensive training undertaken at LASeR by professional trainers in different fields. The main objective is to provide all required instructions and information to carry out efficient health awareness campaigns.  


  • Public health & health promotion 
  • Assessment need & data collection 
  • Project management 
  • Community facilitation 
  • Public speaking 

Planning & Design: 

It’s the phase in which trained teams plan and design their awareness campaigns 


All teams will implement their health awareness campaigns in the community, under the supervision of concerned people from LASeR. 

Big ceremony: 

It’s the final day! We will announce the winners! 


  • Report submission and detailed presentation in front of judges. 
  • Project presentation in front of the audience (videos or other). 
  • Announcement of two winners: 
  • Voted by the judges (Based on assessment criteria) 
  • Voted by the audience (Online voting)