Capacity Building

Besides our scholarship programs that focus on leveraging the quality of higher education by providing opportunities for youth to enroll in well know universities, LASeR offers a wide variety of training programs that fall under the umbrella of our Youth Empowerment Department’s Capacity Building Program. All our capacity building programs listed below:

A program that aims to engage health students in their field of work, raise their experience and raise health awareness in the society.

An academic support and skill development program for students in and around Tripoli – Lebanon who have successfully moved to Grade Twelve.

An interactive orientation program given to high-school students to develop their knowledge about university majors, the job market

A program that offers a series of investigative journalism training pieces to create a new generation of independent and highly performant investigative journalists in the North of Lebanon

A program to help people acquire a new skill in 60 minutes in a hands-on and interactive approach, aired every day in Ramadan Via Zoom and on our social media platforms (Facebook Live).

The program is a full training course that covers everything programming students need to be ready for the Labor Market.

A training that aims to introduce participants to the most important tools that modern companies need in their daily working cycle and to train them to install, configure and monitor these tools.

This program aims at providing trainees the technical knowledge that is currently in demand for a system and network associate. 

This program aims at introducing the solar technology to trainees, mainly the photovoltaic (PV) systems used to generate electricity from the sun light.