The idea of “Researchers Offices” came up with the need of offices where university professors can meet with their students, in addition to the students’ need to an office where they can conduct their research. These offices are available for the association’s programs beneficiaries. It can be used by the association’s network or the expanded network of researchers and workers in non-profit organizations and local institutions. 

These offices are divided into 3 separated offices, in addition to a big hall equipped with several desks for students and young researchers. 

List of Rates 

Price/ Month  Type 
400$  Office  
100$  Desk in a shared office 

 General Conditions 

  • Smoking is prohibited in the whole building. If you are found smoking, you will be asked to leave without a refund. 
  • Unfortunately, we are not wheelchair accessible. 
  • Damage Policy: in case of damage, you will be asked to pay an equivalent compensation. 

For Reservation