Scholarship Report

About the program

The Lebanese University Scholarship program was launched in 2020 – 2021 because of the bad economic crisis that Lebanon was going through. The program aims to help the students of the Lebanese University get enrolled in the university by covering the tuition fees of accepted students.

This year's scholarship

Given the bad economic situation and based on our belief in the important role that education plays in the rise of societies, we are launching the Lebanese University Scholarship Program for the second year pledging to help 2000 Students enroll in the Lebanese University. The scholarship will cover:

  • The tuition fees 
  • The internet card
  • The transportation fees (in some cases).

Eligibilty Requirements

Eligible students must be:

  • Resident in Lebanon of any nationality (Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian…)
  • Haven’t registered in the university yet.
  • Didn’t pay the registration fees to LibanPost yet.

Scholarship Steps:

  • Apply to the scholarship
  • A notification will be sent by message and email
  • In case of acceptance, you are required to bring the university registration form (DON’T PAY)
  • LASeR will pay the tuition fees and the receipt will be sent back to you

Once application steps are completed, our team will inform you whether you were accepted for the scholarship or not. We will ask you to register on our scholarship website and submit the documents required for your official registration.

Last year's scholarship

The Lebanese University Scholarship Program was a great success in 2020-2021 we yielded around 2456 applications. A total number of 718 students were able to meet our selection criteria for the scholarship and were able to pursue their education to ensure a better future and overcome the barriers that youth are currently facing in Lebanon.