Celebrating Raghad Allah Al Fayssal’s Graduation

Raghad earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Management, Concentration in Logistics, and operations today!

Raghad Allah Al Fayssal is a student in SNHU – LASeR – GEM Scholarship program, she’s enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), a US-based University. 

Given the fact that this scholarship is competency-based education, students work on projects to master required skills and once they master all required competencies/skills they graduate regardless of study duration and that’s why Raghad was able to graduate in 2 years and 9 months.

“Ships are safe when they are at ports, but ships are not built for that. Go out to sea and do something new.” Each of us has a different life, always make sure that yours is full of achievements, successes, and lots of uniqueness.
My special thanks go to many people, they know themselves very well. These were Raghad’s words regarding her graduation.

As always we are super proud of the achievements of our students! Congratulations Raghad we wish you all the best!

H2C4 Final Ceremony

The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research (LASeR) concludes the fourth edition of the Health to Community Program (H2C) 

The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research LASeR held the ending ceremony of the H2C4 program at the Order of Engineers in Tripoli, in the presence of

  • The President of LASeR Dr. Fawaz Al-Omar
  • The CEO of LASeR Dr. Mustapha Al-Jazar
  • The director of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) Dr. Ziad Naja
  • The Head of the Civil Engineers Branch in the Order of Engineers Dr. Safwan Chahal representing the president of the Order of Engineers Eng. Bahaa Harb

The ceremony started with the Lebanese National Anthem, then words from the association’s president, director of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, representative of the President of the Order of Engineers, and coordinator of the Youth Empowerment Program at LASeR.

The second part of the ceremony included a small on-stage performance by the students of the Young Empowered Secondary Students  Program (YESS) in which they introduced each H2C team and then each team introduced themselves in front of the audience.

The four teams were:

  1. Fullmemory: tackled the problem of memory loss and forgetting a lot and how to face it
  2. هيّر لتغيّر: tackled the bad impact of deodorants on the skin and offered a natural substitute
  3. مَ شاعر: talked about emotional eating and how to overcome it
  4. بالصحة مافي عيب: talked about sexual health problems including blue balls, and the problem of pricy sanitary pads and how to make a cheaper healthy substitute.

After the part of the projects, the Youth Empowerment Program Coordinator at LASeR, Mrs. Sabah Al-Merehbi, was honored by the Programs Manager, Mrs. Zeina Awaydate, for her efforts in her work with the association.

Before the end of the ceremony, Mohamad Ali Karroum and Tahani Khallouf were awarded best participant in H2C4 and best designer in H2C4 as voted by Young Empowered Secondary Students (YESS).

At the end of the ceremony, the winning team for this year’s version of H2C was announced

بالصحة ما في عيب were the winners, the team includes:

  • Malak Bayaa
  • Alaa Makiyeh
  • Tahani Khallouf
  • Mohamad Zeiny
  • Iyad Loubani

The winning team received the award on stage in the presence of the association’s president, the CEO of LASeR, the programs manager at LASeR, the staff, and the participants in the H2C4 program.

Alnarjess Harba’s Story

Celebrating Alnarjes Harba's Graduation on International Women's Day

My name is Alnarjes Harba I earned my Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Healthcare management in 2 years instead of 4! This is my success Story!

I was born in Syria, displaced to Lebanon then in December 2020 I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), an American university.

I kept on trying to pursue a bachelor’s degree when there seemed to be no hope. I completed my Associate of Arts (AA) in six months. I did my first internship in the human resources department in a well-known hospital as a first step in the field of healthcare management. Then, throughout my B.A. studies, I won an award from Ottawa University to help 20 high school students to engage them in the Lebanese higher education. My second internship helped two refugee-run businesses to bounce back from COVID-19’s impact. Before graduating, I became a mentee at Global Mentorship Initiative program in which I polished my business skills to prepare my career path. “It is never impossible to achieve success whether you’re at the bottom of the ladder or over the hill” says Alnarjes.

The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research (LASeR), the partner of Global Education Movement (GEM) at SNHU in Tripoli, Lebanon is the place where I spent 12 hours a day studying. It is not only a place. I did not think that the smallest actions can make s difference until I met LASeR’s staff. With a little guidance, they showed me things about myself that I could not see before. They really came along at just the right moment, when I needed them the most when I needed them in my fight for life. They did not hesitate to help me in my fight to make a new life from actually nothing.

After earning my Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management, I started as a participatory action research intern with the City University of New York to prepare for my master’s degree. For further support in my career, I am an intern at the Higher Education and Real-World Training.

Today, I am a researcher in healthcare architecture at HGA Architects and Engineers a company based in Minnesota, USA. Worth to mention, I prepared my research proposal for the master’s degree directly after finishing my AA and applied for a Japanese scholarship.

SNHU AA Students Graduation

SNHU scholarship is a blended learning university scholarship program where students study on-site with a US-based University, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and they pursue their bachelor’s degree while being in Lebanon. 31 students are currently enrolled in the program and on Friday 29/5/2020 was the graduation of the first patch of AA students!!

The graduates celebrated their graduation in an online Virtual Graduation hosted by SNHU GEM. It was heartwarming to see our students graduate, and take another step toward success.

We’re proud of you all and happy that you’re part of our family. We wish you even more success and improvement and thank you for the amazing experience

Thank you SNHU Gem for making this project possible and helping students around the world

To know more about the scholarship and our partner please click the link below: 

LASeR – Bucknell Teaching Assistantship

LASeR, in partnership with Bucknell University, Pennsylvania- USA, is offering a fully-funded one-year Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship (FLTA) to brilliant young and early-career professionals in English, education, translation or any related fields.

Applicants will be placed as an assistant to a professor of the Arabic language as they will be responsible for various tasks in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL), and for promoting the Arabic culture to American students. In return, the applicants will have the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills, advance their English language proficiency, and deepen their understanding of the American culture and people.

In addition, the applicants will enroll in two credited courses of their choice where they will gain hands-on experience of the American education system.

For more information, check the page of the scholarship on the following link: https://laser-lb.org/laser-bucknell-teaching-assistantship/

CMIC Final Ceremony

CMIC – Community mobilization in Crisis is an initiative in partnership between LASeR, AUB and University of Ottawa to help Syrian students enrolled in secondary to mobilize their communities through designing and implementing initiatives.

The aim was to help students identify the problems that lead to scholar dropout and propose ways to solve them. 30 students were enrolled in the training, they created 6 groups to work on different aspects to access to Education (Curriculums, language, psychosocial support …).

Participants underwent a training based on a curriculum co-designed by LASeR and the University of Ottawa; the pilot was delivered in 6 interactive sessions (one session per week) to acquaint students with the following:

-Community Dynamics
Research tools and methodologies
-Design Thinking and idea generation
-Project Proposal design and development

On Friday the 10th of January, LASeR hosted the final ceremony of the CMIC project. During the ceremony, each group presented their initiative in front of the jury: Dr. Mustapha Jazzar CEO of LASeR, Saly Khalaf project manager at Mercy Corps, Nidal Ali Business development and operations director at IEC and Leila Dahdah from UNHCR. Three initiatives were selected for the win:
-Sharing is Caring
-Hope Initiative Scholarships

Winner initiatives will be getting a seed funding of 500.000 L.L. per project as well as LASeR’s support throughout the implementation. The initiatives shall be implemented in the next 3 months

New Partnership with BAU-Tripoli

We are proud to announce our new partnership with BAU Tripoli. According to this partnership accepted students benefit from a 40% scholarship and the rest of the fees are paid in form of a interest-free loan that the student pays in monthly installments.


  • Applications are open now. The deadline for applications is 14/2/2019. To apply click here
  • Our team will contact all candidates to invite them to an interview at LASeR on 17/2/2019. The interview will determine whether you get the scholarship or not.
  • Our team will contact students again to tell them about the results of the interview. All accepted students should register in the BAU between 2/3/2019 and 10/3/2019
  • The entrance exam will be on 14/3/2019
  • Accepted students will visit LASeR to sign their contracts in later appointments.

H2C3 Final Ceremony

This year, LASeR launched the third edition of H2C. Fifteen students participated, participants created 4 groups  and chose 4 different health problems to focus on: garbage pollution, good bacteria, stress and organic waste. Their main target was to create awareness campaigns regarding the subjects they chose to tackle.

The final ceremony took place in The Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli on  September the 21st 2019. All groups got the chance to showcase their projects to people that attended the event. Each group, prepared their own stand and gave on spot campaigns about their projects. Participants presented their campaigns in front of the Jury and on stage in front of the crowd .

The Jury got to pick the winners of first prize by voting, the group of Nakia Kharouta, Hiba Maksoud and Farah Moustafa that chose the organic waste problem under the campaign “مش للكب”. The crowd voted for the group of Fadila Al Yassin, Fatima Al Hamadi, Walaa Al Zaher and Houda Al Moussawwel that tackled the beneficial bacteria subject, campaign name “منا و فينا تتعافينا” to win the second prize.