Our Story

The Lebanese Association for scientific research received its license in 2009, report 1073. LASeR currently comprises more than 40 researchers and university professors from various disciplines.


Our mission: 
LASeR believes in supporting and encouraging scientific research in all fields, and raising awareness for scientific and cultural heritage by organizing conferences, scientific seminars, issuing publications and newsletters related to sciences, in addition to building bridges of cooperation and communication with local and global research centers, as well as working to provide grants and support for high achievers and reduce brain drain.


Our accomplishments:

  1. Granting 184 distinction scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  2. Supporting Masters of research by hosting more than 190 foreign professors to raise the efficiency of scientific and professional competency, and allow students to pursue their higher education to establish qualifications and consolidate knowledge and values, and thus enlighten their career paths and ability to be productive and creative.
  3. Dispatch more than 80 Lebanese professor and researcher to conduct research, participate in conferences and to supervise PhD students.
  4. Giving awards and grants for young researchers and providing the appropriate environment to unleash their abilities and creative capacities.
  5. Dissemination of scientific awareness through organizing scientific conferences and cultural seminars which attract researchers and scientists from different areas and countries.
  6. Establishing of a research library - documentation center in collaboration with the Agence Universitaire Francophone (AUF) and enriching it with researches, scientific references, tools and scientific documentaries, all at the disposal of the concerned parties to benefit from the latest scientific studies and researches.
  7. Providing an equipped research center as well as the house of researcher.
  8. Launching the Syrian student scholarships program.